A naturally bubbly fermented tea full of probiotics, vitamins & enzymes

Kombucha Drink in Chennai

Based in beautiful, bustling Chennai, we began Thrive with the goal of providing natural and healthy food and beverages to families all across India.

We drink kombucha because it tastes great, replaces sugary sodas and makes us feel happy and healthy! Learn more about us and our kombucha below.

Feature Product

Variety Pack Apple Cinnamon, Banana Cocoa, Guava Honey, Mango Mint, Kiwi Mint cardamom & Pineapple Ginger 300 ml

Our recipe includes the best natural ingredients we could find, including whole leaf Assam & Darjeeling tea grown in India. We also feed our Kombucha with fresh fruits and other natural ingredients and in turn we get our signature, effervescent tangy, sweet fruity flavor that kombucha is known for. Enjoy this delicious complex flavor rendered by fermentation of high-quality tea.

₹534.00 – ₹1,068.00